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BREATHEEZE PERFORMANCE Mouth Strips – your compact solution to traditional mouth tape. Engineered for peak athletic performance, better sleep and recovery, our Mouth Strips offer a secure hold without the full seal. Suitable for beginners or long time users of mouth taping.

Ideal for sensitive lips, our Mouth Strips provide exceptional comfort with their soft cotton construction. Wear them horizontally or vertically for added versatility and a more streamlined fit.

Crafted with superior breathability and hypoallergenic features, our Mouth Strips ensure a cool and comfortable experience. Whether you're an athlete or new to mouth strips, they're essential for maintaining peak performance and overall well-being.

Consistent use is key for optimal results.


Important Warnings and Precautions (Do not use the Breatheeze Mouth Strips if you suffer from any of the following):

  • Trouble breathing through your nose.
  • Obesity with a BMI over 35.
  • Very low blood pressure.
  • Severe heart or breathing problems.
  • Cold, sinus, or ear infection.
  • Severe chapped lips or non-intact skin around the mouth.
  • Alcohol or sedative consumption.
  • Gastric emesis, or any vomiting problems.
  • Asthma or any other chronic respiratory condition.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Any condition that causes difficulty breathing or swallowing.

Benefits at a Glance

Nasal Support: Strengthen your nasal passages.

Enhanced Exercise: Enhance oxygen intake with nose breathing – ideal for sports and workouts.

Improved Sleep:  Deeper sleep, less snoring, and reduced mouth dryness, enhancing overall recovery.

Aesthetics: Strengthen facial muscles for improved jaw and facial structure.

Oral Health: Prevent mouth breathing to avoid dry mouth, bad breath, and dental problems.

Safety: Breathable fabric and smaller size to allow for emergency airflow.

How to Use Breatheeze Mouth Strip:

1.Simply wipe down your lips and apply the mouth strips over your lips horizontally or vertically depending on your preference then keep it on while you sleep. 

2. Gently remove it in the morning and rinse your lips with water.

Detailed Instructions

Why Should You Tape Your Mouth?

Mouth breathing can wreak havoc on your looks, sleep and overall health. Using mouth tape can prevent these problems and enhance your overall well-being.

Solution to Snoring & Improved Sleep

PROBLEM: Mouth breathing can lead to poor sleep quality, causing you to wake up tired, irritable, and with brain fog. It can contribute to snoring, and disrupted sleep.

SOLUTION: Mouth taping promotes nasal breathing, which can help eliminate snoring, boost oxygen intake, and help you sleep better.

Prevent Bad Breath & Oral Issues

PROBLEM:  Mouth breathing disrupts the natural balance of bacteria by lowering intraoral pH, leading to tooth erosion, sensitivity, increased risk of decay, bad breath, dry mouth, sore throat, and potential oral infections.

SOLUTION: By promoting nasal breathing, mouth taping boosts saliva production while you sleep, preserving a healthy oral pH balance and combating morning breath.

Maximize Breathing Efficiency

PROBLEM: Mouth breathing reduces nitric oxide intake and the oxygen supply to your muscles, resulting in fatigue upon waking.

SOLUTION: By promoting nasal breathing, mouth taping maximizes nitric oxide intake and oxygen supply to your muscles, letting you wake up refreshed and energetic.

Reducing Stress & Improve Focus

PROBLEM: Mouth breathing can hinder diaphragmatic breathing and disrupt the autonomic nervous system, leading to increased stress levels.

SOLUTION: Nasal breathing with mouth strips or tape helps regulate the autonomic nervous system, reduce stress, and improve your overall mood.

Strengthen Facial Muscles & Alignment

PROBLEM: Mouth breathing can cause facial muscle disengagement and improper tongue posture, which can impact facial structure and symmetry.

SOLUTION: Using mouth strips or tape supports nasal breathing, which encourages facial muscle engagement and proper tongue posture, thereby enhancing your facial structure and symmetry.

Perfectly Crafted Mouth Strip

  • Smaller size, smaller footprint.
  • High-quality, eco-friendly cotton for your comfort and safety. 
  • Hypoallergenic and Breathable: Made with hypoallergenic materials that prevent skin irritation, combined with moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you cool and dry.
  • Medical-grade adhesive that keeps mouth tape on all day or night and pain-free removal.
  • Breatheeze mouth strip is designed to be small and comfortable, with the same benefits as a full size mouth tape.



Beard friendly


Soft Lightweight

Breathable fabric

One Strip Six Benefits

Switching from mouth to nasal breathing brings a cascade of benefits: improved oxygenation, reduced allergens, enhanced REM sleep, strengthen facial muscles, boosted immunity, and more.


The best part? You can achieve these benefits naturally, safely, and effortlessly with mouth tape during your nighttime sleep.

Breatheeze Travel Pouch

Stay organised in style It's the perfect way to keep your mouth tape and nose strips safe, tidy, and ready for optimal sleep. 


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  • Stores up to 30x mouth tapes or 30x nose strips 
  • Lightweight durable athletic Rip-Stop Fabric 
  • Does not include mouth tape or nose strips



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