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Breatheeze Performance



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Introducing the Elite Nasal Breathing Bundle. Breatheeze Performance Extra-Strength Nasal Strips are sweat-absorbent, perfect for exercise. Our Clear Nasal Strips Lite are designed for sensitive skin, perfect for daily wear and sleep, with a slimmer design.* Combined with our breathable Mouth Tape, this bundle ensures peak performance during workouts and promotes restful sleep for athletic recovery and optimal nasal breathing all day and all night.

Bundle Includes (6 x 30pc bags):

  • 1 x Breatheeze Performance NEW Clear Nasal Strips Lite 30pc*.
  • 1 x Breatheeze Performance Extra Strength Black Nasal Strips 30pc.
  • 1 x Breatheeze Performance Extra Strength White Nasal Strips 30pc.
  • 3 x Breatheeze Performance Vented Mouth Tape 30pc. 

*All original bundles containing original clear nasal strips to be replaced with new design Breatheeze Nasal Strips Lite until restocking. Same nasal breathing boost, slimmer profile.

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